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1 Jan 24, 2019 13:02    

How to import user created regions / sub-region?

I have created regions and sub regions for Germany, Netherlands and Belguim.
I have done this on a certain b2evo 6.10.6 installation.
Can I export the data somehow in order to import it into another installation?

2 Jan 30, 2019 02:01

Yes, there are DB tables for regions and subregions, you can export them and reimport them in PhpMySQLadmin if you haven't started added anything into these tables on the second site.

3 Feb 12, 2019 11:32

O.K. Thanks
Got it.
I could make it available to you if you want.
Includes Germany: Region as 'Bundeslaender' (i.e. BAYERN) - Subregion as 'Landkreise' (i.e. EMSLAND)
Includes Netherlands: Region as 'Province' (i.e. LIMBURG) - no subregions
Includes Belgium: Regions as 'Province' (i.e. NAMEN) - no sub-regions
Includes Luxemburg: Regions as 'Province (i.e. DIEKIRCH) - no subregions.

Provinces for Belgium and Netherlands:
Landkreise and Bundeslaender Germany (example):
Provinces Netherlands:
Provinces Luxemburg:

Attachment is a export from the tables region and sub-region


4 Feb 12, 2019 23:51

ok thanks, we'll add these.

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