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1 Aug 28, 2018 14:48    

How would I set up a manual to act like a wiki?

2 Aug 28, 2018 17:22

There is a manual skin, is that not good enough?

4 Aug 28, 2018 23:54

Maybe you could explain some of the functions that are not available that you deem essential

5 Aug 30, 2018 15:29

"act like a wiki" doesn't objectively describe what you want.

6 Feb 18, 2019 15:15

It's a very loose concept really, mostly to do with allowing anyone to contribute rather than a software specification. It's an Information Collaboration.

To me, the things that make a wiki a wiki is having a TOC which is automatically created, which the b2evo Manual type collection has. Also the way pages are created. In a wiki, you create a link to a page by typing [[newpage]] , click publish, then click on that link and you create that none existent page. The biggest reason for that is because there's so many contributors. It helps prevent orphaned pages. There is no menu editor and the creation of navigation is through namespaces [[namespace:pagename]] and navigation within a namespace is by use of headings and often a Start Page which is usually hand crafted. Namespaces are the equivalent of folders and pages go in a folder. In fact there's one file based wiki(no database) that works exactly this way. When you create a namespace, it creates a directory/folder on the server and all pages within that namespace go into that folder.

Chapters in the b2evo Manual Collection is what creates the TOC and you can see how that works in the demo here;

You'll have to be logged in as it's a Back Office page.

About the only other thing that is "wiki", is the markup which is simpler than html. Of course most forums use a very similar syntax so this isn't really just a wiki thing.

One other thing wiki has to say about a wiki is that it's more a collection of wikis. That is, the Politics subject is not linked to the Automobile subject. I imagine there's multiple ways to do that in b2evo. One would be to create more than one Manual Collection. If your wiki is to be about one subject, as most small wikis are, then you probably wouldn't do it that way.

So what is your definition for, or specification of, a wiki?

7 Feb 18, 2019 15:31

geez, just noticed this is from last August. It was second on the llist of this forum and I had just been working on a wiki in the last few days so it was on the brain. A mediawiki that got spammed hard. 50,00+ spam users with 50,000+ spam posts. I tried to warn the guy months ago about having an open wiki but...

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