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1 Dec 21, 2020 08:02    

When visiting Egon's blog I saw his comfortable solution to satisfy EU-regulation:
Fast and easy access to Impress and Data Protection links.

What must be done in the backend, to get these

  • links in the Frontend like own collection and in the same time as tab within an existing collection?
  • pages without a comment form?


Here the link to Egon's blog:
Just because some folks may not see the link in the right sidebar of this forum.

2 Dec 21, 2020 12:00

Do you mean a list, row of tabs showing collections on the same 'blog'

I suppose you know about the sitewide header options

also under each collection > Settings > General > there is a setting to show that blog on the > List ofCollections > options



For disabling comments

On some of my sites I have removed the code block for comments from the relevant file in my customised skin

3 Dec 21, 2020 13:02

both of your statements don't help me or I just don't understand them.

You see in the picture that "Impressum" is accessible twice.
Once in the header (collections) and then as tabs within the collection/blog

And then when you click on these links, then there is no comment form below:

So how do I achieve these?

4 Dec 21, 2020 14:06

Ok the top impressum is in the site header which you will need to enable.

For the top listing : Chose the collection go to Site Settings > Global Site Settings > Enable site skins:

For the tabs below it may depend upon your skin but basically you can add links anywhere, so if you have a menu you can add each via a widget.

In any collection you can set a front page that does not have comments..

However what you see as collection links in both may just be links to pages, specifically [Impressum] and [Datenschutz] which are set to have no option to comment.

So effectively you can have a menu which is combination of widgets that show. collections, pages, login, contact, posts etc.

6 Dec 21, 2020 18:39

Sorry I'm not going to install/open a demo site :)

7 Dec 22, 2020 10:15

@amoun wrote earlier:

Sorry I'm not going to install/open a demo site :)

I am not asking that you set up an own test environment on your server. I am thinking of using the existing demo environment this server provides.
I think we already spoke about that in another post....

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