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1 Feb 25, 2017 14:41    

I began a b2evo project to the school. It will be my exam work (maybe). My English is not very good, sorry for that. I've begun b2evo just now. My future goal is to translate b2evo to my mother language. Is there any possibility to do a bilingual blog in b2evo, like in WP (with the help of x-Translate, or something like that) plugin? My blog's skin is evolved from Basic skin.

2 Feb 25, 2017 17:09

Hi mindegy,

  1. Translate your language at, download the translation file which named like for_translation_b2evolution_messages-v-6-7_xxxx.po, then change the filename to messages.po;
  2. Create your language folder at b2evolution_src_folder/locales, you can copy exist one, just like ru_RU, and rename the folder ru_RU and file ru-RU.locale.php to your languagecode_countrycode style, you can find your language and country code at;
  3. Change the content of languagecode_countrycode.locale.php to your language code and country code, and also the name and date time format ;
  4. Copy your messages.po to the folder LC_MESSAGES;
  5. Set $allow_po_extraction = 1; at _locales.php in the folder b2evolution_src_folder/conf;
  6. In the back-office ,at System->Regional->Locales, find you language and check enabled and save;
  7. Click the link "Show translation info", at your language line , click the link "[Extract]";

That's all. These steps are my translation way.
More info, please see manual:

3 Feb 26, 2017 14:55

Is there any possibility to do a bilingual blog in b2evo, like in WP (with the help of x-Translate, or something like that) plugin?

Can you better describe what you are trying to achieve?

Automatic translation? 2 parallel blogs in different languages? Each post with 2 versions (one in each language)? ... ?

4 Feb 26, 2017 22:24

Hello! Not an automatic translation, but 2 parallel blogs in different languages, but with a link among each post, when I can easily switch between the English and Non-English texts. I would prefer two (ore more) national flag icons, which could do the switch. Maybe I could write some scripts for this purpose easily in the near future. A plugin or widget would do it, but I am not familiar with them yet.

5 Feb 27, 2017 18:00

You can easily configure 2 blogs in 2 different languages in b2evolution.

For links from one to the other, you may use the "Link to URL:" in the post properties.

We might group multiple language versions of a same post together in a more orderly fashion in the future but so far everyone wants to do it differently, so we could not really find a god solution that works for everyone.

6 Apr 03, 2017 22:15

Can you better describe what you are trying to achieve? #2

7 Jun 04, 2017 20:56

I wanted to make a bilingual blog about rpgs, and ineractive fictions. BUT NOW I do it completely in Hungarian, I'd rather translate games to my mother tongue, and also begin to translate the b2evo itself. The point is that I can write quite well, but my English is a bit poor, that's why I can't translate my writings to English, but I can adopt certain English texts to my language. Maybe I can make some progress in English in the future, but I have a very few time to spend on it. I hope my reasons were understandable and acceptable. So, these are my actual goals, changed a bit, and become clearer, I hope so.

9 Oct 23, 2018 04:59

Hi to all!

After very much sleepless nights, I decided to run my main blog under b2evolution. Unfortunately it's in Hungarian, but I began an English section about interactive fiction games at:

10 Aug 17, 2022 18:18

Finally! My first b2evolution site, which is a big success, and contains all of my writings so far. It is very much influenced by Mad In America, and sites like this. I am very satisfied this site. aka both domain names are valid.

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