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1 Feb 15, 2020 19:47    

I'm a blue collar guy aka craftsman. There's a few of my older projects here so it's a portfolio site to the public. Privately, there will be Manual collections, one for each upcoming project. I've moved on from electric sign fabrication to doing restomods on old trucks. That is, mount the old truck/lory cab and bed on a newer frame to give it modern improvements like power steering/brakes, fuel injection etc. I moved to a very rural area and there's not much call for electric signs out here. Each truck purchaser(and optionally their mechanic) will have access to truck docs specifically for their truck that will be part Build Journal and part Repair Manual. I'm also using a private Manual collection for my internal use for my own build journals that the truck docs will derive from. I may also use a Tracker collection for my own use.

I'm building this site with b2evo7 beta. It uses all bootstrap skins with colors taken from bootswatch's Solar theme.

Public blog,

2 Apr 06, 2020 09:16

Thanks for sharing.

My 5 cent: The background color isn't supporting your pictures/work.

Regarding blue collar work:
I like this solution:
Are you able to take better pictures? They would support your quality craftsmanship.
You may want to promote your ideas on and :)

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