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1 Sep 19, 2017 20:24    

Hello! Been a long time since I played with b2evolution. Had an idea for a new site though and thought I'd go back and revisit an old friend. :)

Warning: I'm a bit rusty and not as quick with these things as I used to be. I might be missing something obvious/stupid.

Anyhow... I registered the new domain name and have it linked to a subdir on my hosting account, just as I've successfully done with a number of other domains using other software running those sites. Extracted the 6.9.3 stable file package and uploaded via FTP. Got my databases and user created, ran through the install process successfully, I can go to the back-end find and I can load up my site fine if I explicitly add index.php. Therein lies the problem: just using doesn't work and then my hosting provider kicks in a boilerplate error page.

So I look into the .htaccess file included w/ b2 and I see this block:

<IfModule mod_dir.c>
    DirectoryIndex index.php index.html

Seems as it should be, assuming mod_dir is there. Not sure if it is...? My hosting provider uses LightSpeed, not Apache. Well, I tried commenting (#) out the IfModule blocks so that the DirectoryIndex line is there regardless, but no change in behavior.

Ok, I give up: what stupid thing am I missing here?

2 Sep 20, 2017 08:20

@sremick no idea about this. Let me look for a bit more info because I guess the problem could be related with the LiteSpeed server. Hope to get back asap. Regards!

3 Oct 27, 2017 21:50

Just thought I'd check in to see if you had had any luck on this. Thanks!

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