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1 Oct 29, 2018 14:23    

I've just installed b2evolution on an old Apache server I'm using at home.
Setup went well, but when trying to access the main page I'm getting into an infinite redirect loop.
The issue happens regardless of the path used: https://mysite/b2e/, https://mysite/b2e/index.php or the example blog https://mysite/b2e/index.php/a/
If I'm accessing other main urls like default.php or admin.php everything works ok, for instance in case of admin.php I can log in and perform all administrative actions.

So far I've checked the basic config and it seems to be ok. Also getting rid of .httpaccess is not changing the situation anyhow.

Any advice how to start debugging that?

2 Nov 02, 2018 19:33

Typically your $baseurl in your config file doesn't match the URL you're trying to use for your collection.

You may also disable SEO redirects in the collection settings in the backoffice to prevent redirects until you fix this.

Don't forget to clear your browser cache after each config change. Redirects may be in the cache.

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