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1 Jun 09, 2019 19:05    

I am following standard upgrade procedures. I added the install folder to my exisiting verion to "validate". (did not upload files yet)

I am getting:

Undefined property: DB::$version in /my_path/install/index.php on line 269

Insufficient Requirements. The minimum requirement for this version of b2evolution is MySQL version 5.0.3 but you are trying to use version !

(we DO have sufficient requirements (mysql 5.6 something.

Don't know how to get passed this and risk breaking things up.

Please advise.

2 Jun 09, 2019 21:56

You don't say what existing version you are using?
The issue with the install folder isn't clear??
Do you mean you ftp'd a newer install version than the one that came with the existing version?
If you did then you should expect some incompatibility issues that don't even make sense maybe.
What are you trying to validate and why?

Sorry for the questions but your procedure is questionable and you give little detail of what you are actually doing for something I've never heard of 'validating' before.

Remove the install folder and does it all work fine.?
Copy current version as a backup and install properly, all files and see what happens?

Please indicate the version(s) you are using and want to install.

Looks like fun to be had.

3 Jun 09, 2019 22:02

6.8.8 to 6.10.8

The instructions say to "validate, read the standard upgrade procedure.

But disregard as I see I was supposed to add the original install folder from 6..8.8

Optional: validate your existing DB

You can do this by restoring the /install folder of your current (old) b2evolution version (be very careful to use the correct version and NOT to mix different versions).

4 Jun 09, 2019 23:47

Optional Hmm!

If I have seen it, it's passed me by.

Anyway with or without the 'validation' hope things are running smoothly now :)

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