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1 May 08, 2018 12:52    

Installer form kills database password


I am currently trying to install B2evolution at my server. And run into some issues. The first one is that the form where you type in your database informations kills the vital part for it in the basic_config.php. It cuts the database password into two pieces, and places a comment in the middle. And then the connection does of course not work. See attached image.

I have manually fixed this problem now. But this bug will surely prevent other uses from installing the cms. So i thought i post it here. When you need more information, then don't hesitate to ask. I'll do my best.

Version 6.9.7 stable

Kind regards


2 May 08, 2018 15:10

Additional info, since i noticed it just yet. The point at which the password breaks was a $ sign.

3 May 08, 2018 20:59

Maybe you have a duff installer as I did a new install and all went well

4 May 09, 2018 09:19

Thanks for your feedback and testing. Yes, that's the interesting part, to find out why it fails to me, and works for you. I already expected that this is nothing common. Else we would have much more reports about failing installs. Interesting problem.

On the other hand, it's one of thousand who reallly reports a bug. The others simply leave when the software already fails at install.

I did nothing uncommon for sure. It's the official package from this page. And i don't have any influence at how the basic_config.php file gets written by the installer script. I just see the result. And the result was a killed passwort part as shown in the image.

Some bugs have always been harder to catch than others. Maybe the environment plays a role too. PHP version, etc. . As told, it gots split at the $ sign in the password, and the $ was missing then. Which would speak for a problem in the text parser in b2evolution. My guess is that it interprets this $ sign as not being part of the password. Maybe just under some special circumstances. But here i have to wait for developer feedback what extra info is needed.

Since i don't use this password anymore, here it is: sd46f6d$4f6Ds4f6

6 May 09, 2018 11:30

Good catch. Let's see if this is of use for the developers here :)

7 May 09, 2018 13:22

As the owner of this topic maybe you can set the forum to General Support where more people may see it.
How did you fix the problem ~ did you just use a new password without the $

If what I've read makes sense maybe there is some code that uses the double quotes, but I can't be bothered to set up a new database with a password containing $ though it would be a good idea to see if I can replicate your problem.

8 May 09, 2018 15:04

As told in the first post, i have manually fixed the problem in the basic_config.php by removing the extra added comment, and using another passwort then.

I have unfortunately no idea how to modify the first post so that it shows in another category.

9 May 09, 2018 15:41

The category options are usually below the post. Maybe it's too late to change it ???

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