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1 Jul 17, 2017 15:59    

We are considering offering free b2evolution blog/site as a service provided by us. (Obviously we have a lot of experience with hosting our own b2evo sites, including

This would be free and a bit more limited than running b2evolution on your own server. Especially you would only be able to use a selection of skins and plugins preinstalled by us.

There would be an export feature so you would be able to switch to self-hosting your b2evolution at any time.

Would some of you, our existing users, be interested in this? We're looking for beta-testers ;) (your blog with us will be free for life)

Please let us know your thoughts! ;)

2 Jul 22, 2017 13:52

As per Twitter, I'd be happy to give it a go as a beta-tester. Do you have a date for it being made available?

3 Jul 22, 2017 14:58

In a couple of weeks. Besides the debugging of the new features, there is also a handful of infrastructure issues to take care of ;)

One thing we'd like to do (even if it's a step 2) is to provide "pre-configurations" for different kind of sites like "a personal home page", "a real estate agency website", "a restaurant website", "a blog", "a private photo album", etc. Do you have ideas of use cases like this and/or do you have a use case you'd like to test in particular?


4 Jul 22, 2017 19:23

@fplanque wrote earlier:

Do you have ideas of use cases like this and/or do you have a use case you'd like to test in particular?


I've only ever used b2evo as a blog, however, I'd like to see how it would work as a webdev portfolio site. Is there a config that would suit that do you think?

5 Jul 23, 2017 02:34

If it doesn't suit, we'll make it so ;)

Portfolio site typically showcase images/screenshots (+optional text and link). Would you need something else in the case of a "webdev" portfolio?

6 Jul 23, 2017 21:33

That sounds like the sort of thing. The only thing I'd want to add would be the ability to post the occasional tutorial or opinion. That sounds like standard blog type functionality though.

7 Jul 24, 2017 22:10

So you'd need one of these 2 solutions:

  1. Either 2 collections integrated into a single site with a site skin providing the navigation. b2 can do that piece of cake but it requires backoffice skills (which you probably have but many users don't)
  2. Or a blog with a special front page which shows a portfolio view. Portfolio items for the home page would be picked out of the blog based n the fact they are special portfolio posts.

Which one sounds more elegant to you?

Regarding displaying the portfolio: what do you think of this?:

8 Jul 26, 2017 12:17

Personally, I could work with either of those options, but I'm guessing the 2nd would be easier to offer as a 'least line of resistance' for a hosted option.

I do like that skin. Whilst it's geared toward photos, those could be just as easily done with screenshots.

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