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Is the actual Release von b2e compatible with PHP 5.4?

Started by on Apr 11, 2014 – Contents updated: Apr 14, 2014

Apr 11, 2014 16:45    

Is 5.0.8-stable-2014-03-01 compatible with PHP 5.4? Or should I keep my fingers off?

thanks, will

Apr 12, 2014 00:38

It should very well be. But if you wanna make sure; make a test install on your server under a subfolder/subdomain or test on localhost.

Apr 13, 2014 13:13

Thanks! Will upgrade to PHP 5.4
b2evolution is my favorite blogging system, really awesome
Thanks to the developers

Cheers, will

Apr 14, 2014 21:43

Uuuups; looking to my "analytics", there to "service" I found strange inputs:


I've seen that for the first time, never before u pgrading to PHP 5.4

Any suggestions?

Regards, will

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