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1 Feb 04, 2015 17:23    

Sending the Italian translation of b2evolution Version 5.2.0

I used the sources on the site Transifex, but I see these problems:

1 certain parts of the original language poedit not find them.

2 the translation of Italian parties are not seen in the Browser.

Walter torri

link :

2 Feb 13, 2015 20:31

Hello @walterix,

Thanks for the effort and the feedback, but can you please be more specific about the issues you found using Transifex, which is the official translation tool, and in general with the whole process as well.

The thing is that we preffer to improve the current mechanism and avoid having to deal with separated translation packages, as the one you sent in your post. Mostly because that way provides us a better control over the details, for example, your package contains almost 200 more strings than the Transifex's one, so, how accurate is the source of your .po file? Which version of b2evolution did you use to get it? Those questions make no sense when we use a centralized translation platform because those aspects are already under control.


3 Feb 16, 2015 18:02

I think to have sloved the problems of the string not found.
I downloaded your source from the location Transifex ( b2evolution_b2evomessages.pot ) and verified that contains 6254 strings .
With this source I updated the language in poedit and I was able to verify the correctness of the work .
Now my translation of a total of 6241 Strighe shows 6235 translated strings . For the most part are fine.

Compredo the reasons and requirements of the project Transifex , but for different reasons I started the job in Poedit time ago and I continued with this program.
We now send the zip file with the correction of equipment , hoping to contribute to the spread of this translation IT project B2evolution.

Please let me know if they are correct for you.

Translation in IT is related to version 5.2.0


thank you
walter torri

4 Feb 17, 2015 22:45

Hi @walterix,

Thanks again for sharing your effort.

The italian translation at Transifex is now updated with your contributions and it's only missing a few more strings to be completed ( If you are able to do it, and want to see a 100% ( instead of that ugly 99% :D ), please check the untraslated string and finish them.

I guess the locales packages from this page:, will be updated soon.


7 Feb 20, 2015 06:29

Thanks again @walterix,

I also uploaded the .po file to the messages-i7.po resource at Transifex. The official locale packages update will be available soon.


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