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1 Feb 12, 2013 08:11    

I would like to suggest that b2evolution would utilize a centralized location for the language management as soon as possible.

We have had very good success with using for example Transifex for open source projects. It's completely free and supports multiple languages and teams for each language.

I think now would be a good time to make use of this tool when the new 5.0 version is coming out and many people are probably working on the updated translations.

2 May 16, 2013 08:14

No comments from anyone? :)

This would be really important to make the translation of b2evolution more easier and centralized.

3 May 16, 2013 08:51

What's wrong with PoEdit ?

4 May 16, 2013 15:25

It's not centralized.

Transifex allows for multiple people to work on same translation.

It's basically the question if you would ask why some project stores their source code on GitHub and not on their local computer.

When all the translation files are stored in Transifex, it's much easier to maintain them.

See for example the project pages for tinyMCE and you might get a better idea how Transifex works:

For example I am in the Finnish translation team and there is one other translator at the moment. So we can easily collaborate.

5 May 16, 2013 16:11

What's the difference between light green dans dark green?

6 May 16, 2013 16:57

@fplanque wrote earlier:

What's the difference between light green dans dark green?

Don't really understand the logic behind this comment.

8 May 16, 2013 18:34

Ahh, sorry. :) Slow day for me it seems.

Light green means translated string and dark green means that it's also reviewed. Light grey means untranslated.

For example in French there are 158 translated strings and 138 of them have been reviewed and approved.

You can see the stats if you hover your mouse over the bar.

9 May 16, 2013 18:45

Ok. (I couldn't hover, I'm on the iPad ;)

I'll look into using that platform for b2evo.

11 Jul 08, 2013 13:45

Have you made progress with this? :)

I am just thinking about starting the 5.0.4 translation for Finnish but I would much rather do it in Transifex than with poEdit.

12 Aug 03, 2013 14:14

Now that 5.0.5 is out, I have more time to check this out. Will do so in the next couple of days.

14 Aug 08, 2013 04:35

I added all .PO files I could find since v3 ;)

This site seems pretty neat. Anyone can register for free and contribute as little or as much as he likes , to the languages he likes.

I think we'll rewrite our docs to direct all translators to use this instead of PO Edit.

15 Aug 08, 2013 08:32


Were you able to submit .po files without problems?

I tried to submit a Finnish .po file which I have been using in 4.1.7 but keep getting errors about incorrect bytes. I tried to run it through poEdit and it seems to be okay.

I attached the file to this message.

16 Aug 08, 2013 08:33

Sorry, it did not accept .po files as attachment.

I renamed it to .txt.


17 Aug 08, 2013 14:48

I had this problem with a few files too. What you can do is change the charset to UTF-8 in POedit and save the file again and then upload it.

It seems to work better this way.

Ps: can you please upload a profile picture to make it easier to recognize your posts. Thank you.

18 Aug 08, 2013 23:14

Note: Transifex has a command line client:

It can be used to easily retrieve the latest community translations with a script.
This should be particularly useful for people packaging language packs.

Also note: all retrieved .PO files will be in UTF-8. This seems fine. We should make all new language packs based on UTF-8. b2evolution v6 is likely to be 100% UTF-8.

19 Aug 08, 2013 23:40

I also updated the source files today (using the command line tool). So Transifex now has the source strings for the next release (5.0.6)

22 Dec 25, 2013 22:00

@hypocrite wrote earlier:

Have you made progress with this? :)

I am just thinking about starting the 5.0.4 translation for Finnish but I would much rather do it in Transifex than with poEdit.

Why can't you use both? I personally edit the PO files in vim (using the po.vim script, to give me easy ways to do common tasks) and then use the command-line client to push them to Transifex.

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