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1 Aug 28, 2014 05:01    

Version: 5.0.9

Ok, it's been a while since I could actually do anything with my website, and I seem to have missed some things. Right now, the installation and upgrade worked fine, but I would like one of the blogs to appear on a subdomain. Using a stub file, it will display the information, but it can't load the skin itself. Checking the page source, it's putting the subdomain in as the location of the CSS file and images instead of the base domain. I've tried this topic: , but I don't have anything on my host that does alias domains. I've tried setting the base url for that blog as subdomain of base and absolute, neither one works. I'm rather frustrated because it did work a year and half ago when I could last actually do something with my site, but what worked then isn't working now. Am I missing a topic or article somewhere that can help?

Edit: address I'm working with

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