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1 Jan 11, 2019 16:17    

the notification mail: "We haven't seen you on fokus genba for …" has a link building bug.
note: is a collection using subdomain and is not the information collection

When clicking the login now button in the notification mail, a login formula at the collection (set for info) opens (see fig 1) After having logged in, the skin of is called, but a 404 Page shows up because of a buggy redirect (see fig 2) (It's strange that the skin of and a 404 page are displayed, although the url refers to another collection and skin.)

Would be great to get a working redirect to that collection the user is registered at

Thanks and Regards, Will.

4 Jan 20, 2019 19:14

@fplanque I don't know, but may be this link problem that happens on b2evolution forum is linked to the problem.
When I get a notification mail that there is a new comment in the thread I started, I click on "Read full Comment" and am redirected to Login (because I am not logged in). After logging in, the redirect ends in a "Not Found" (Obviously a 404).
See screenshot.
(In case, this is a separate problem, please tell me and I will start a new support thread)

Thanks and Regards, Will

6 Feb 01, 2019 21:04

@yurabakhtin thanks for fixing this.

May be another link-building bug is linked to that fixed one.

When I get a notification mail via contact formula in the footer there is a link back to that collection from where the contact mail was sent :
"Diese Nachricht wurde automatisch von b2evolution auf fokus genba laufend generiert." (This message was automatically generated by b2evolution from
Clicking the link "" I am redirected to the baseurl although fokus skin is shown. It is the same as shown above in #2, third part of the screenshot.

May be you can fix this, too. Would be great!
Regards, Will

8 Feb 18, 2019 05:49

@saunders Hello, you wrote about string "Diese Nachricht wurde automatisch von b2evolution auf <a>fokus genba</a> laufend generiert." and we see it on your screenshot in #2 comment.
Then you wrote english version of the string is "This message was automatically generated by b2evolution from <a></a>", but it is wrong because it must be like "This message was automatically generated by b2evolution from <a>fokus genba</a>", you can see it here

echo sprintf( T_( 'This message was automatically generated by %s running on <a %s>%s</a>.' ),
    $app_name, 'href="'.$baseurl.'"'.emailskin_style( '.a' ), $Settings->get( 'notification_short_name' ) );

So you don't click on the "", you click on "fokus genba" that is stored in DB as general setting "Short site name" on the form "Site" -> "Site settings" -> "Global Site Settings"(doc page:
I.e. in your case you have there the link like <a href="">fokus genba</a>, because your $baseurl = '' and "Short site name"($Settings->get( 'notification_short_name' )) = "fokus genba".

I think we cannot change the generic email footer code as you want because the footer template is used for all collections of the site, but you can create your custom email footer template as it is described here:, read about folder /skins_email/custom/.


9 Sep 09, 2019 13:10

@saunders Hello, can you please confirm your issue was solved?

10 Sep 09, 2019 14:48

@yurabakhtin I can not confirm that the issue was solved, because I edited the footer of the email and deleted that passage.
The footer now seems to be changed by be2 and shows: "This message was automatically generated by b2evolution." without any link.

11 Sep 10, 2019 10:29

@saunders I hope you didn't edit the file /skins_email/ and created new special file /skins_email/custom/, otherwise you will may lose changes in the /skins_email/ on next update.

12 Sep 10, 2019 14:29

@yurabakhtin Thanks for your advice! It is helpful - indeed I tapped in that misunderstanding.

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