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Link Building Bug in Notification Footer

Started by on Jan 14, 2019 – Contents updated: Jan 18, 2019

Jan 14, 2019 14:43    


Users told me, that a link did not work properly in the footer of a notification mail.
It does not redirect correctly. See screenshot. May be this depends on unsing subdomain, but should not, because b2e offers calling collections by a subdomain.
How can this bug be fixed?

Thanks and Regards, Will

Jan 18, 2019 12:08

Hello @saunders, I checked the code and there is $baseurl is used for the url from your screenshot.
The default text in English version is "This message was automatically generated by b2evolution running on This site.".
I guess on your site "This site" = "fokus genba" and $baseurl =, if yes please try to change it to

Jan 18, 2019 13:16

@yurabakhtin in my b2e instance i have several collections and each referring to another subdomain, and additional there is a collection not using a subdomain. So a baseurl with would only shift the problem to elsewhere but would not solve it.

Jan 18, 2019 17:06

@saunders Changing this message is not currently supported. It is a single contact point. If you need separate emailing (and/or separate user accounts) for your sites, you need to install several versions of b2evolution.

Possible hack: make a custom footer template and remove this line.

We might support multiple email bases in the future but we have limited developer resources and need to make some prioritization choices.

Jan 18, 2019 17:14

@fplanque so I do have to wait for future features to get a fully multidomain platform.
Meanwhile I will try adapt the footer of the Message (thanks for that hint)

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