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1 Jul 22, 2021 04:52    

There is an intermittent visual snag when upgrading b2evo 7.2.3 database from MariaDB 10.5.xy to recently released MariaDB 10.6.3 -- as seen in the dashboard:
System > Maintenance > Tools

MariaDB 10.6.3 upgrade
MariaDB 10.6.3 upgrade

Even if the b2evo user already has 'upgraded the database charset by running the tool' specified the pink warning will not go away. The visual snag does not seem to affect the overall operation/performance of b2evolution 7.2.3, notwithstanding.

FYI: This is not a request for help as coming from OS/2 I know that orphanware has no support. It is simply a warning of what to expect for those who will be upgrading DB.

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