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Merging two sites into a third.

Started by on Jun 06, 2017 – Contents updated: Aug 31, 2017

Jun 06, 2017 12:38    

I am running with b2evolution 4.1.4. It has about eleven years of statistics in it's hit log. I have not been able to delete them. I have tried to run a scheduled task to autoprune old hits and sessions. It errors out saying: "Messages: [Error code: 2 ] Auto pruning is not set to run as a scheduled task"

I was able to successfully back up the site by skipping Logs & stats tables. If I try to back up the log stats, it simply times out.

I am also running with b2evolution 6.7.4-stable. It contain some of the postings from

In attempting to restore to, encountered the error:
`An unexpected error has occurred!
If this error persists, please report it to the administrator.
Go back to home page
Additional information about this error:

MySQL error!
Table 'jultho_b2evo.evo_hitlog' doesn't exist(Errno=1146)
Your query:
ALTER TABLE evo_hitlog

            ADD COLUMN hit_disp        VARCHAR(30) DEFAULT NULL AFTER hit_uri,
            ADD COLUMN hit_ctrl        VARCHAR(30) DEFAULT NULL AFTER hit_disp,
            ADD COLUMN hit_response_code     INT DEFAULT NULL AFTER hit_agent_type`

What is the easiest way to fix this?

Thank you.


PS All three sites are on the same VPS and I have root access.

Jun 07, 2017 00:39

You can truncate (meaning "brutal way to empty the table") the log and session table through mysql management tools such as PhpMySQL that may be provided by your host. Is it a CPanel VPS?

Once those big tables are truncated, backups should be easy.

Then you should probably upgrade all sites to the latest version.

Then I'm not sure what you are trying to do with merging or with " attempting to restore to "

Jun 15, 2017 00:10

as fplanque said: If you can access your database via cpanel or something??

I regularly truncate two tables [evo_items__version] and [evo_sessions] using phpMyAdmin there's an option to [empty]

As far as merging two sites I created a new temp blog on my new site using the same install.
Then I uploaded the old database to the temp blog.
Blogs have the option of transferring posts so I moved all the posts from the temp blog to the one I want to keep and deleted the temp blog

Aug 05, 2017 12:25

I was able to create a new site (jjthomas) from the old site (seawa). MY phpAdmin skills were a bit rusty, but I was able to truncate the two tables I also got my old site updated to the current version. Thank you.

Now for 027esc. Do I just backup the database from 027esc and just import it into jjthomas? I know there will be some duplicate posts, but I can delete those.

Am I on the right track?


PS I have root access on a VPS and cPanel with phpAdmin, as well.


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