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1 Oct 01, 2019 19:57    

Hi, in the past days I moved my main b2e site to another hosting provider due to the sudden closure of the company that hosted my site, this site work great only some tablet to fix with internal procedure, today I was doing more or less the same thing but despite having done the same steps of the previous migration, it doesn't work as it should, the cases that arise are 2:

1) once I have entered the address of the new domain, for some absurd reason unknown to me, I am redirected to the old one

2) once I have entered the address of the new domain it simply tells me that the destination was not found

I do not know what it may depend on but the configuration for both platforms for which the migration was carried out were roughly the same, in fact only the baseurl and the name of the database changed, which were obviously modified in both cases to work in the new server.

what can this strange problem depend on?

2 Oct 01, 2019 21:48

What is the domain and host etc.

3 Oct 01, 2019 23:56

the host where is originally hosted is altervista the new is namecheap, i investigated a little more the issue and regard only the address without https:// in front of it. and only on Firefox for Windows (or at least for me).
the actual link, hosted on namecheap, is:

and for finish in beauty at the moment for solve the issue of file or content unavailable I had to create a symlink inside the main folder that points to the main folder, is really a strange situation.

the site is a W.I.P. so don't have particular content to migrate

after a long day of work seems that I solved the issue, for Firefox I simply deleted the cache instead for the other issue (content not available without the symlink) after being able to access the administrative area and have done the update to version 6.11.3, I had to re-save (for all collection... fortunately only 2) all advanced settings related url, seo, and other thighs that at the moment I don't remember (anyway anything with a link variant available), and only after this long step I could delete the symlink to the main folder inside the main folder.

one more thing for complete the update obviously is necessary add the symlink name into the backup_ignore.conf (or whatever it's called) for don't start an infinite loop.

I hope that this post can help other people with the same or similar problem.

4 Oct 04, 2019 03:13

You may need to change the settings (basic_config) and clear the caches…

5 Oct 04, 2019 09:42

@nospy wrote earlier:

You may need to change the settings (basic_config) and clear the caches…

things already done if you read the entire post... no probably is an issue related to 6.11.2 version because the version of first sites migrated is 6.11.3 and I moved it without issue.

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