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missing instructions, installing trial b2evolution on my laptop

Started by on Sep 01, 2018 – Contents updated: Sep 03, 2018

Sep 01, 2018 17:15    

instructions for installing locally say to install a local webserver, but nothing about how to use it to install local trial, just says install local server, then go back to main installation guide, which talks only of installing out there on the web… MAMP on macbook pro
Can I get any clarification please !?!
(obvious newby, but still confused!)

Sep 02, 2018 01:11

Not clear what you want.
I. You need server like Apache with php and sql

  1. I you have that you will know or find out where to place files for your website
  2. Place the b2evo files in what is often the [htdocs]
  3. Browse to the [htdocs] folder click on the install folder just as you would on a 'web' sever

The above is a simple example of the basics but it is not clear what you have

  1. Looks like you have MAMP
  2. I don't use a MAC but I'm sure there will be an [htdocs] folder as the root of your local site
  3. put the b2evo files there and Make a database
  4. Install exactly as you would on the 'web'

Sep 03, 2018 05:58

Thanks for the [htdocs] direction =)
I think I just need to find a begining beginers guide, it has been 10 years since I made a website, much I have forgotten and little did I know then ...
(btw, clicking on the install folder does nothing beyond showing me it's contents... And there is no installer in it that does anything for me... nOOby here will look for more basic beginners instructions, must be somewhere on this web!! )

Sep 03, 2018 10:21

Ok If you only get the folder data then MAMP isn't set to read html or php files by default so you need to configure Apache.

Try [/install/index.html]

IF you get what is shown in the image below Apache is handling html ok

Then try [/install/index.php]

If that doesn't work then Apache needs it's config file updated

[/install/index.html] should give you this

Sep 03, 2018 10:24


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In MAMP, edit the file:


and then search for '#AddHandler type-map' (exclude quotes). Below that, add,

AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .php .html

Save the file and stop and re-start MAMP. Php parsing will occur in files ending with the extensions: .php and .html.

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