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1 May 30, 2019 20:43    

As long-term b2evolution user I was considering using it in an education setting. My students only have smart phones, no laptops. I was testing several blog and wiki engines and nearly all of them failed miserably - b2evo included. Test it yourself. Try writing a new post on your mobile. First, it is hard to find out how to post as the New post button in the evobar does not appear at all. When you found a way to do so, the whole screen is filled by buttons. Just imagine how a new user would react.

I know b2evo is mainly a one-man-operation but mobile editing (especially as there is no native app) should be one of the priorities. Many users are looking for alternatives to Wordpress especially after they introduced their messy Gutenberg editor, so this is a chance to get new users and they should be welcomed by a clean uncluttered interface. I hope this can be done somehow! ,

2 May 31, 2019 13:10

It would be useful to know what OS and version, what Browser etc and what skin or skins you want to use

I use a variety of phones but currently an old Galaxy S3 and a modified 'simple_zen' skin and everything is exactly the same as on my laptop and tablet, absolutely never had a problem on my mobile phones.

Checking other phones now :)
No problem so far so its likely an issue with the skins you are using, which no doubt someone will sort soon now you have flagged the issue.

Can confirm no [POST] option on evo_bar in bootstrap_main skin other than that one the option is found I have no other problems

3 May 31, 2019 13:28

Hi @nomad
Yes the default plugins are numerous, but can be removed and I do remove most, but yes very off putting in portrait mode with that skin.

5 May 31, 2019 14:45

I think the issue is having a mobile skin. My skin is the same on all devises and no back office/admin view mods. I don't usually use portrait but this is what it looks like with my plugins

site otherwise is at

6 Jun 03, 2019 20:07

Follow up on the truncated evobar menu.

I've noticed certain items are not present with a reduced screen width and cannot resolve the issue so far. Is this related to the initial query here about the option for a new post not being visible on mobile phone screen?

Did manage to format my evobar in the process.

Full screen

75% width screen

7 Jun 04, 2019 21:26

Hi Still thinking on this menu with no New Post option.
Maybe the thinking is anyone with admin privilege will use a bigger screen and get all the menu, whereas a common user will not see (site, collection, page) etc.

But that didn't work. I have a user that doesn't have permission to edit but the 'Page' menu item still arises but is inactive ?? I was hoping that if there were only three items the New Post one would remain on a smaller screen width, but no luck.

You have brought up a few issues :)

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