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1 Aug 18, 2015 00:59    

Hi, in the latest release is possible choose the language of the post before publishing it, but the user which views the entire blog with hers language can't choose to view only post in the desired language as an applicable filter option. Is possible do it? Select the language of post to show, and change it at the same time the language of front office, including categories's strings etc...

2 Aug 18, 2015 22:04

@developer I'm not sure, but I think it's not possible right now. So, if it is not already implemented, this will be a nice feature request.

I do know that there are some ideas for built-in multi-lanaguage support. I will keep this post updated on any progress.

3 Sep 23, 2015 00:56

This would be great. The only solution I found was to keep each blog with one (different) language (and use the Pages and Intro-Cat to the menus). But with this option suggested by @developer would expand the possibilities, a lot, at least in my case. Then the whole page would be in the language the user chooses and the collections would keep the content organized (and not just the 'page's posts and 'intro-cat').

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