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1 Feb 10, 2019 02:17    


Just install my blog on a php7.2 server. I moved as the previous server only had php 5.4.41 and that meant I couldn't install any version of b2evo higher than 6.10.5

But I had problem which amunted to two issues all in the sidebar of my old skin, it used [mysql] which is deprecated in php7.2
After changeing all [msql] text to [mysqli] I came across a different error referring to the number of parameters in each call, there has to be one more in each so I added a line [$link = mysqli_connect("localhost", "calstock_roger", "what1517NOW#")or die("cannot connect to server ");] and then added the $link to each call e.g
[mysql_close();] becomes [mysqli_close($link);]

So now I hope I can upgrade to 6.10.6 and 7.0.0 and still use my old skin

For the MySQLi functions to be available, you must compile PHP with support for the MySQLi extension.
The MySQLi extension was introduced with PHP version 5.0.0. The MySQL Native Driver was included in PHP version 5.3.0.

2 Feb 10, 2019 15:19

If your skin includes SQL requests (instead of calls to the b2evo core) it is either a very very old skin or a heavily modified one. Either way, you should expect it to support flawless upgrades until you get all SQL requests out of it.

3 Feb 10, 2019 16:48

Ok! it the [] that calls from a slightly modified [simple_zen] from 2008

4 Feb 10, 2019 18:05

Yes I had made mu own sql queries in [] and with other issues have loaded the bootstrap skin. Cery simple. I suppose I can copy it and mess with that.

That skin was old, yet I'm not so old that I cannot adapt, rather than trying which way and that to get everything my way, hopefully.

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