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1 Dec 28, 2015 11:43    

After I change a plugin's configuration options (Collections -> Plugins) there is no apparent option to save my changes.
In Firefox, it warns me that I want to leave a page without saving changes. There is no save button - or any button for that matter.
This is true for all my plugins that are loaded.
I have also tried with Chrome. Same result but I don't get the warning.

Please advise.

2 Dec 29, 2015 09:30

@nealsch all the way down to the bottom of the page should be a "Save Changes!" buttons. Isn't it there?

3 Dec 31, 2015 07:58

Nope! - that is the weird thing.
Below is a full screenshot - I have scrolled to the bottom of the screen.

I have tried Firefox and Chrome. I also uninstalled any script blocking etc. Not sure what the button could be.

4 Jan 07, 2016 00:33

As I see it from the screenshot there is a fatal error in the Sharethis plugin.
Check PHP error log or allow errors to display on screen.

5 Jan 07, 2016 06:03

Thanks for coming back to me on the fplanque.

I checked the manual to see how to enable error reporting. I don't have a php.ini file but did find the relevant code in _config.php.
My /conf/_config.php file shows this. I changed the 'else" to also be 'on':

// To help debugging severe errors, you'll probably want PHP to display the errors on screen.
if( $debug > 0 || $display_errors_on_production )
{ // We are debugging or w want to display errors on screen production anyways:
	ini_set( 'display_errors', 'On' );
{ // Do not display errors on screen:
	ini_set( 'display_errors', 'On' );

My /conf/_advanced.php shows:

// Most of the time you'll want to see all errors, including notices:
// b2evo should run without any notices! (plugins too!)
if( version_compare( phpversion(), '5.3', '>=' ) )
{	// sam2kb> Disable E_STRICT messages on PHP > 5.3, there are numerous E_STRICT warnings displayed throughout the app
	error_reporting( E_ALL & ~E_STRICT );
	error_reporting( E_ALL );
 * Do we want to display errors, even when not in debug mode?
 * You are welcome to change/override this if you know what you're doing.
 * This is turned on by default so that newbies can quote meaningful error messages in the forums.
$display_errors_on_production = true;

I still don't see errors on my page. However I do now have errors in my error_log file. Although none seem relevant to what I am experiencing to save plugins.

So if you can see where where I made an mistake to show errors on the page or where else I need to enable it that would be great. In the meantime I am going to try and debug the errors I see in the error log.

6 Jan 07, 2016 06:09


Firstly, I cleared out my error_log file and saved the empty file.
Then I refreshed the page with that specific collection's plugin page.

This was in the error_log file:

[07-Jan-2016 00:04:16] PHP Fatal error:  Cannot redeclare class OAuthException in /home/nealbres/public_html/plugins/twitter_plugin/twitteroauth/oauth.php on line 10

I then disabled the Twitter Plugin.

Viola - I know have a save button on my screen.

Just need to check now what is going on with oauth for Twitter but I am not currently using it to post.

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