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1 Oct 30, 2015 13:18    

b2evo 6.6.3-stable - It seems the twitter plugin doesn't send a tweet when the blog post is set to a future-post date/time.

I created a post last night and set the time for 8:00:00AM this morning. The post was published but apparently did not send ping, and did not post a tweet to the twitter feed. When I published the post with a future date, it said something about 'asynchronous notifications'...

(When I publish a blog post with a current date/time, the twitter plugin works as expected. It's only with deferred notifications that it seems to happen)


2 Oct 30, 2015 14:22

On further investigation, I see my blog was set to "immediate" instead of "asynchronous". However, if so, then why did b2evo say "scheduling asynchronous notifications" after I saved the future-post? It's confusing. If the blog is set to immediate then how can it be scheduling asynchronous for later? At this point I don't know if my blog should be set for 'immediate' or 'asynchronous'. I plan to post 50% NOW and 50% future-date, so which one should I select?

There is also an error in the scheduler for that future-post, which says "Send notifications for <blog post title>" -- ERROR

The error details for the failed notification says: "Post notifications are not set to run as a scheduled task."
However, when I try to add a new job, I see what's shown in the screenshot. None of them say anything about "Send Notifications" so which one is it?

4 Oct 30, 2015 15:22

Here is the error info. Cron is set to run at 11

5 Oct 31, 2015 14:22

If you post in the future at least once in a while, you must set your notifications to Asynchronous. (Agreed there should be a warning message when you post in the future but your notifications are set to "immediate".)

The scheduled jobs will be created automatically each time you publish a post.

6 Oct 31, 2015 16:23

Ok, so is the cause of the error specifically because it was not set to asynchronous, or is there something else that could also be doing it? All my other scheduled tasks seem to work properly so I don't think it's the scheduler setup itself...

7 Nov 01, 2015 02:32

Yes the cause of the error is specifically because it was not set to asynchronous

8 Nov 02, 2015 16:18

Additionally, we made a better warning message in b2evo 6.6.6:

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