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1 Jun 03, 2014 06:22    


I am experimenting with integrating, say, 3 blogs into a site in such a way that the index page displays the three blogs each in a column. What I am looking to do is to have a link in the centre column (say, blog 1) bring up a post in the right column (blog 2). And a different kind of link in blog 1 display an entry in blog 3 (left column).

All blogs on the same domain, with the same database.

So I would have a post in blog1, ID1, which included a link to a post in blog2. Simple enough, but I want that post - blog2, ID2 - to appear in the right column adjacent to the blog 1 ID1 post in the centre column. Another link in blog1 ID1 would, in the same way, display a post blog3 ID3 in the left column, adjacent to the display of blog1 ID1 in the centre column.

Left column (blog3) posts do not have links to the other blogs. Right column (blog2) posts do not have links to blogs 1 and 3.

2 Jun 04, 2014 01:13

I realise this is not a simple matter. I guess I'm wondering whether it is at all possible, and if it is, if I could pay someone to code the necessary bits.

If I have three blogs displaying on the same page, out of the same database, is it possible for a link in a post in one blog to display a post in another. Gets simpler the more I think about it!

4 Jun 04, 2014 05:42

Thanks mgsolipa,

Much appreciated. I already have a modified multiblogs.php in the layout I want. And that will work well. It leaves only the hard bit - a link in blog1 resulting in the display of a post in blog2... The fact that this isn't readily achieved may well be because few have any need for it, or it may be that it can't be done.

I'll see what turns up by following the link to b2 professionals, which I had seen but couldn't find.

5 Jun 05, 2014 18:05

This would be super easy with iframes if you're willing to go for that.

Otherwise it requires a little bit of PHP coding but is completely doable.

6 Jun 05, 2014 20:13

IMO the cleanest way would be to load post content with AJAX through a custom skin or a plugin with a "disp" handler.

7 Jun 08, 2014 02:36

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll have a play about. Maybe my ideological objections to iframes need rethinking.

8 Jun 08, 2014 03:15

@tgodfrey I am not really advocating iframes though, just saying it's the easiest way ;)

Can you actually describe your use case, i-e: why you want you site to behave like that? i-e: why when a user clicks in one column it should show content in another column on the side of the main column?

9 Jun 08, 2014 07:16

Simple is good. But in this case the contents of all iframes would be internal, so as I understand it the security risk isn't really an issue.

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