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Started by on Jun 16, 2013 – Contents updated: Jun 21, 2013

Jun 16, 2013 22:09    


I have decide to use b2evolution as a platform for a scout project where 70 scout patrols will record their activities over a aweekend in a blog format .. due to initial concerns from parents i am running this in an offline secure linux server (baby steps). . thats all fine have a customised skin all set up readty to roll .. .

what i need is a way to export each blog to pdf so they can take them home afterwards..

i can just print the page to pdf .. but an actual export would be nicer .. sililar to joomla article export !!

is there anything there ??



Jun 21, 2013 03:28

I don't know a PDF export.

But you could make a skin formatted specially for printing (to PDF).

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