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1 Feb 02, 2013 02:21    

How can you show or hide the sidebar at will on a post or a page? You know, like WP does. I'd really like to have the ability to remove the sidebar on some of my pages without leaving a gap so I can use my blog in a CMS-like way.

Thanks in advance.

2 Feb 05, 2013 01:37

Link or screenshots please?

3 Apr 28, 2013 23:24

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Here's my blog as it is.

I have customised the Custom theme. I don't seem to have the option to remove the sidebar on *some* pages. It's either all or nothing. WP permits you to change the template for the post or page you're working on so you can have a full-page page.

4 Apr 28, 2013 23:29

OK gotcha. You need a more complex skin than the custom skin. Look at the evopress skin. I think it does exactly what you want.

Basically it uses different templates for the "single" view and the "posts" view.

You can duplicate your main.index.php file into single.main.php if you want to remove the sidebar from the single view.

Also check out the manual on skins.

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