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1 Sep 20, 2017 20:26    

Less than 24 hours ago I manually installed the latest stable version and now I am going about removing the pre-installed content. I cannot seem to remove the default admin from the users. It is Johnny Admin. There is not a trash can at the end of his row like the others. I set myself up as an admin and gave myself a level of 10. I gave Johnny a level of 0 but it will not update from 10.

I have gone through every tab and section looking for a way to remove this user. His baby picture shows up in the admin tab at the top RH corner.

How do I resolve this issue and send Johnny to the trash can?


3 Sep 21, 2017 07:44

@sdavenport the main admin user can't be deleted, or at least not without touching the code of the database.

As said by @amoun, you can modify all the info of that user instead of create a new one.


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