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1 Apr 08, 2019 10:43    

Is there a way to use polls for anonymous users, too? I know, that it is difficult to take care of a single vote by user. But in alignement with IP adresses a misuse could be reduced. Public polls are marketing means, too ;-)

Regards, Will

2 Apr 08, 2019 15:49

Have you a recent, similar/almost identical, request

Hadn't thought about a user's ip being used to limit 'votes'. I suppose the problem is ardent spammers will switch/spoof ip's every second.

if you use the router ip that would be a problem with multiple users, especially in a public library
If you use the users computer/browser the user can use a random ip each time, though only dedicated spammers would go to that length and is a blog worth that trouble, maybe if there's a payment side to it or it's political.

3 Apr 08, 2019 16:14

@amoun sorry, although I 'd started a search towards the topic I obviously skipped this thread. So please shift that thread and add it to that you mentioned - or delete it.

But why not handle poll voting in a way star voting in comments is possible? Would this bring a new aspect into the discussion?

4 Apr 08, 2019 16:47

Hi @saunders

I'm not on the development team so can't move a post etc.

Also I don't use either voting or polls but thinking about it a star vote can only reach five inputs whereas a poll can be unlimited.

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