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1 Dec 02, 2016 18:06    

Hi all, I am setting up a blog for a friend and have used mostly default settings. I chose the main page layout for the blog as I wanted to set a custom background and my friend likes the layout. I am trying to remove most of the social media icons shown below the collection tagline on the main page. I tried searching the forum to see if anyone had posted a similar topic but no luck. Can anyone advise which file I need to edit to only leave the Facebook icon below the Header Tagline? Thanks very much.

2 Dec 02, 2016 19:59

Back-office - edit priperties (on the right - pencil icon) - widgets tab - edit widget settings on social links (pencil icon)

3 Jun 11, 2017 04:31


i have the same problem

i just installed 6.8.9-stable version .
at the widgets tab i removed the "social links"
but after removing it from t here they still appear on my main page
below the collection tagline.

Furtermore by defaultr they linking to b2evolution's social sites and
i cant edit them anymore as i removed the social links stuff from the widgets tab...

whats wrong? why they stil display although i deleted them?
how can I remove the social media links, i do not want nor need them

thanks for your heolp in advance

4 Jun 13, 2017 00:31

@funkyflo I think you didn't remove the right widget. If you are trying to get rid of the icons pointed in the screenshot below, then you need to find the "User links" widget, which is in the "Front Page Main Area" container.

Tip: by enabling the debug mode, you will see a new entry "Dev" in the evobar, just click on the option "Show containers", and it will be easier to identify elements in your front-office (screenshot 2).

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