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1 Apr 26, 2017 10:01    

Hi. I'm a complete newbie to b2evolution. I really love the concept and am tired of Wordpress, so I am hoping that I can change over completely. Had a tonne of experience in html and css with Bootstrap, but I am seriously foxed with b2e. I have been into all the style sheets, but can't find out which one to make changes on, or what the different styles are called. Many of my readers are getting on a bit and I need to run with a larger font. I am using version 6.8.8. Is there any easy and logical way to change headline or standard paragraph font sizes?

2 Apr 27, 2017 20:49

Don't worry - found the answer. Dead easy when you look! Simply chose the Collection, then went into Skin/Layout/Layout Settings, chose the appropriate Column size and everything changes like magic!
The lesson I learned here is that although I am used to working in CSS, I should trust the b2evolution techies to have built a simple solution into the package instead of automatically looking for a stylesheet to change. Thanks guys.

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