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1 Oct 30, 2018 14:13    


In May this year, I made the (disastrous) decision to upgrade my installation, which hapily contained over ten years' worth of entries on my blog. I didn't do the process prooperly for reasons that I don't understand and now when you go to there's nothing there.

I would like to pay someone to

a)install b2e on my site
b)upload my old database containing all my past entries, comments etc.

I've been through a lot of help from good people here, prima inter pares being amoun, but I still can't get it to work. I've tried reinstalling b2e through Softaculous but it gets to 6% and then says "intstallation fails."

You can have access to all my passwords of course.

If anyone would be prepared to take this job on I would be grateful if you could send me a quotation for the work.

Ringing or texting me is much better than contacting me through here as I work funny hours but I will get back to you if you contact me through this site.

If anyone could take this on I'd be hugely grateful!


2 Oct 30, 2018 14:56

Hi @loobyloo

1) Have sent you a private message
2) I note that using I can see your stuff for example

3) If you know how to ftp or send files
a) make a plain empty text file called index.txt
b) change the ending to htm or make one intiially called index.htm
c) place this in the root of your website and this will stop basic access to you files

If you can do this you can then make an .htaccess file to properly secure your site

alternatively from a new download of b2evo extract the .htaccess file and upload that.

With a new install you may want to save some of the stuff on your website and clean it out. Otherwise you will have to selectively delete conflicting/duplicate files as overwriting may not work.

3 Oct 31, 2018 13:40

Many thanks amoun.

I'm a little nearer. The site appears again now -- more or less as I want it.

Unfortunately, one strange thing is that there's redirect which has crept in from somewhere. Typing the base URL sends it to It also means that it is impossible to login, since it reports " /htsrv/login.php was not found on this server."

There are no redirects listed in cpanel, and in conf/_basic_config.php the baseurl is listed as /, not /3.

Do you or anyone have any idea where this redirect might have come from (I understand that this is user error, nothing to do with b2e)? I need to get into back offce and people need to be able to register.

4 Oct 31, 2018 17:00

OK just goes to [a closed for repairs page], which is a simple non-compliant text page :)

Looking at the source on you do seem to have the latest version [<meta name="generator" content="b2evolution 6.10.3-stable" />] and do have [<base href="/3/skins/asevo/" />]

See [_advanced.php]
For example
Line 430 $htsrv_subdir = 'htsrv/';

you could try and change this to
$htsrv_subdir = '3/htsrv/';

I can get to the login form with for example but I'm not suggesting this is a fix just way to investigate options

It seems that you may have installed a working version but have placed it in a folder called 3 :)

9 Nov 04, 2018 01:43

@fplanque wrote earlier:

@loobyloo What is GNSV? Please share the URL of this host.

Hi Fran├žois. It's https:/ I have uploaded an index.html but it doesn't appear unless you specify /index.html in the URL.

The site itself (in an old form) appears at but I can't log in from that address.

I tried uploading a fresh install at root but it keeps wanting to redirect to /3 and the site will only appear when I rename the root folder to /3.

12 Nov 04, 2018 22:33

OK, thanks. I have no notes on that host.

I'll let you work with @amoun then ;)

13 Nov 05, 2018 12:49

It's all sorted now, thanks to amoun's dogged patience in digging down in my b2e database, in which there were four overlapping sets of tables with different suffixes; and poking around in myphpadmin, doing a clean install on his own site and comparing that with my mess. Almost all of it was my fault, so I don't think there would be much point sharing the process by which we discovered the faults, nor what those faults were, since they arose from user error.

Many thanks amoun. My site is working fine now, and I've learnt something. I also would like to thank Fran├žois and the other developers involved with b2e. The more I understand about how it is constructed, the more I admire the effort put into it.

15 Nov 06, 2018 16:45

The private messaging previously was to exchange tel no ( in case anyone tries to solicit me, I don't do paid work). loobyloo and I met in a cafe in Bristol.

Problems were

1) using the same database on multiple installs which made initial checking a bit confusing.

2) The new install was in a sub root folder /3 which conflicted somehow with the base url which was set to / though was redirect edin the database to /3. I was too aggressive to log all that was done but I think the value of [blog_siteurl] in table [evo_blogs] was where the redirect was occurring.

So all references to baseurl and siteurl etc where set to root and all folders and files in /3 moved to root.

3) I think the newly generated passwords for each install encouraged the loss of the current password. Having a live but infrequently used email address meant is wasn't obvious where to get the 'lost password' output etc.

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