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1 Jun 17, 2016 20:22    

I am now using b2e 6.7.4.
But even on 6.7.3 I used to get (and still do now) error messages for the FBLikebutton and Socialbuttons.

On top of my posts I get the following:

<code>Strict Standards: Declaration of fblikebutton_plugin::SkinTag() should be compatible with that of Plugin::SkinTag() in /xxxx/xxxxxxx/xxxxxx/xxxxx/b2e/plugins/fblikebutton_plugin/_fblikebutton.plugin.php on line 307</code>

Could someone help me out here, please?

Thank you in advance.

2 Jun 17, 2016 21:18

@vlaanderen please, check this link:

I think your code is missing the & character at function SkinTag( & $params ). Just add it and test it again.

Please, let us know if the plugin works as before. We didn't test any Facebook connection, due to this plugin has been developed many years ago and the fb api may be modified since that moment, making this plugin no longer functional.


3 Jun 17, 2016 21:29

Hi manuel,
Thank you so much for this reply.
I added the & and it worked.
The same for socialbuttons.

One more error I am left with now in the latter is:
Strict Standards: Declaration of socialbuttons_plugin::SkinBeginHtmlHead() should be compatible with that of Plugin::SkinBeginHtmlHead() in /xxxx/xxx/xxxx/xxxxxxxxxxx/b2e/plugins/socialbuttons_plugin/_socialbuttons.plugin.php on line 785

Just this one and I am all set.
Thanks so much.

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