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1 Jan 22, 2016 09:53    

I am stumped. I want to change the gradient background (the blue part at the top that says on this new site I am trying to build to an image file.

The site is and the front page is using evopress skin

I have found that the area in the css files is called #headerimg in three different css files. Those are evopress.bmin.css, evopress.bundle.css, and style.css.

I have tried making changes to each one of those files, saving then uploading and seeing NO change in the layout of the page. I tried adding background-image: url(img/headerphoto.jpg); to the each of the css files mentioned under the tag #headerimg and nothing.

Do I need to edit one of the PHP files in the evopress folder? Am I not looking in the right place in the css files? I am stumped.

Could someone help by pointing me in the right direction on how to change the gradient background to an image?

Thank you
Have a great day

2 Jan 23, 2016 11:28

@nemo656 I see you already found where to change the gradient.

Just for further readers, in evoPress, the header gradient may be configured on the skin's settings: (see screenshot #2).

Also, @nemo656, if you ever need to modify the CSS of any skin (especially the standard ones, as evoPress), please consider to follow the recommendations I made on this comment:, regarding to create a custom.css file.

The standard skins use advanced CSS techniques (as less, automatic Concatenation + Minifaction, etc), and learn how to use them might be pretty interesting (and the right way to do it :D), but not as simple as novice users might expect. Also, on further updates of b2evolution you just need to care of your own custom.css file and not of separated changes made on standard files.

4 Jan 24, 2016 09:49

Thank you so much for the tips and links. Sadly I think I'm going back to the standard wordpress scripts. There is so much more information and help available. I do appreciate the all the work that has gone into the b2evelution scripts it's just a bit to over my head. Thank you again for all your hard work. If I was more educated in scripting and CSS it might have worked out but I am an old dog and learning the tech back end is very difficult for me. Thank you again...

Have a great day

5 Aug 11, 2016 12:52

A bit late in the day for nemo656 but to simplify if using FTP rather than back-office file uploads.

in the [/media/blogs/] folder there will be a folder with the name of each blog i.e [/media/blogs/your_blog/]
Place your customised css script, with anything you wish to override or add, in there and name it [style.css],
i.e. [/media/blogs/your_blog/style.css]

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