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1 Feb 17, 2014 03:20    


I use sub domain names but I can only link them to blogs.

What I want is to have the main engine in the domain with different skins in each sub domain.

Then I can use the same engine and database but have blogs with their own domain name.

Any help would be appreciated.

Somehow I need each skin to call the main programme. I suppose I can start by just putting a skin in a sub domain and try ad work it out :)

2 10 Mar 2014 15:36

blogs have you set each blog to use the skin you want, and the link to domain to that blog, then the domains will have different skins.

There is a bit of tweaking needed for multidomain, forget how thorough the documentation was and how much help I needed from forums to complete things. But, I currently have 3 different domains pointed at one b2evolution. And, each blog has a different skin.

My main domain (before I went multidomain) uses a custom skin that is based on 'custom' (which I finally renamed so that it simplifies upgrading...don't have to merge my source customizations with the patch before applying it, can do the merge later....sometimes much later...) With my other blogs, I've tried to avoid customizing the source as much as possible.

Then I decided to go multidomain, and the new domain's blog used to use emerald (with some minor tweaks/fixes), but I couldn't figure out how to get it working again after I upgraded to 5.0.x. (the skin was written for 2.4.1) So, I switched to a custom skin based on 'evocamp'. Seems sad that we're pretty reducing to only having pre-installed skins to work, as I haven't see much in new skins being appearing here or old skins getting updated.

Now that multidomain was largely working... (there's some issues with login and the back office...which I guess there are two ways to handle this, probably missed a change to multidomain somewhere...sometimes it keeps the same domain going into login/backoffice, other times it switches to main domain. Though if I go with SSL for the login screen....always using main domain would probably be the way to go.) ... I decided to add a 3rd domain, where this blog uses the photoblog skin (which I haven't tweaked.)

Now I've been thinking of resurrecting my forum using the forum skin, though that will probably involve a new instance... since the domain is with a different hosting provider and what they provide for email is better, which the domain has largely become used for (since the static portion of the site has become quite stale...)

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