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1 Mar 08, 2014 19:36    

When I use the skin asevo it generates links automatically for the top menu. This is great, but some of these links are broken and point to locations within the skin directory, e.g. /skins/asevo/shortcodes.html or /skins/asevo/contact.html

Obviously I could work around this with redirects but I'd prefer the skin to work properly. Where should I go to adjust these links?

2 Mar 09, 2014 15:28

Hi @filthio,

It is not clear about what "top menu" are you talking about because Asevo has two! :p The screenshot was taken in a fresh installation, so that is the default content for those bars, and both of them are Widgets.

1. Container: Page top - Widget: Public blog list. Making a collection public or not is controlled in the settings of each one of them. To read more, please go to:
2. Container: Menu. Widgets: several (see the second screenshot above for default): the content is controlled by each widget according with their features and settings.

Please, identify the container where your links are show and go to the widgets settings of that collection, there you will be able to modify them.


3 Mar 09, 2014 21:41

Thanks @mgsolipa that was what I needed to know. The menu widget was a free html widget, which I could just edit. Sorted. As it happens I only have one active menu so there was no problem finding the right one.

Here's the working site:

But what I still don't know is how that widget came to be populated with more-or-less the right links. did I do it years ago and forget it? Or does asevo/b2evo somehow generate it?

4 Mar 12, 2014 07:26

The content in the free html widget doesn't seem to be auto-generated, so I think you did it some time ago and just forgot it. However, keep an eye on this to make sure that everything is OK.


5 Mar 12, 2014 10:13

That's probably what it was then. It must have been imported across various versions - I can't remember the last time I used a skin with a menu so it would be a long time. Anyway I shall indeed keep an eye on it. Thanks!

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