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1 Feb 25, 2016 04:09    

It's very useful for multi-users site. When someone find a favorite article which written by others, he may want to collect and add the link to his own 'favorite articles' links for future review. At the same time, it is very convenient that only need user to click on the 'Fav' button beside to the post title.

It also applies to another situation : when we want to track an article which is for future reply.

Now I have found the plugin 'Bookmarklet', may be it's can deal with this work. But how to use it? Would someone knows to tell me?

Best regards.

2 Mar 04, 2016 23:49

Do you think we should have 2 different features: "favorite" and "like" functions/icons?

Or is it basically the same (but some may prefer to call it "fav" and others "like")?

3 Mar 05, 2016 02:51

Yes, we should have 2 different features.

The "like" can show how popular the article is, it's designed more for the rank of articles ,authors and collections(If there is a collection rank).
The "favorite", to a certain extent, can show an user's reading history(just like the reading notes), it's designed and convenient for users to review.

Although these two functions are really similar, I still don't suggest combining these two features.

4 Mar 09, 2016 00:44

Ok, I agree. Now a similar question :)

Should be call it "favorite" or "flag"? In email programs, things to be reviewed later are typically "flagged" and get a flag icon.

5 Mar 09, 2016 02:49

Yes, 'flag' would be better.
In fact, I am not sure. 'Favorite'(the meaning of collect, store up, enshrine;) is my translation which usually called in China. I am sorry maybe my translation was inappropriate.

6 Mar 13, 2016 21:27

Ah yes, "favorite" would be collecting ans storing only things we like/use often. "Flag" has a meaning that is more like "I need to check this later" rather than "I like this".

Let's go for "Flag"

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