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1 Aug 05, 2016 12:12    

V 6.7.4

Can't find a way to empty system log and no luck using www or blog search. Is there a way without going to database?

Am I missing the obvious?



On this subject, ease of cleaning db: I would find it useful to be able to empty items_version from back office too

2 Aug 05, 2016 14:04

not being able to empty the system log is a security feature because it records info about potential attempts to hack the system.

on the topic of the versions table, we'll add a tool.

4 Oct 18, 2019 12:36

OK it is now October 2019 and thanks for the item_version option

It still seems useful for admin to be able to easily truncate the system log.
Any updated views on this ?

5 Oct 27, 2019 23:46

You may delete / truncate it directly in MySQL.

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