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The Bookmarklet Plugin is Gone?

Started by on Dec 30, 2017 – Contents updated: Jan 06, 2018

Dec 30, 2017 16:38    

After digging around I found something about the plugin in the manual but I can not find the bookmarklet anywhere on my site. I know it was there earlier this year. - the only source of information I can find.

I can set up Open Live Writer instead but really, the bookmarklet was a much better and simpler shortcut, right in the web browser. I don't really care about someone else's security issues. I have a Zazzle shop, my images are stolen all the time. Zazzle doesn't care. Why can't we make our own choice about using the bookmarklet or not?

Jan 05, 2018 06:40

@thatgrrl the Bookmarklet plugin is included in the standard release. The link you need to add to your bookmarks can be found at System > Maintenance > Tools (see the screenshot).


Jan 06, 2018 00:11

I found it. Thank you. I'm sure I did look there but must have missed it.

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