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1 Jun 23, 2020 05:58    

On this b2evo forum I have three issues with the profile feature on this website

1. the image used for the profile when not logged in generally is pixelated but not allways. Is this because an image may be too highj a resolution to dumb down.

The profile picture anomaly and location text and . .
The profile picture anomaly and location text and . .

2. Using the dropdown menu I can't seem to get the location to show under the image, I can see the location under other some other users. ~ I can however get an age between 0 and 1000 to show when logged in. So I must be missing a trick?

3. What is this 'tool tip' text with a (right angle quote html char$) doing ?

The profile picture anomaly and location text and . .

2 Jun 28, 2020 12:09

  1. I was pixelated until I loaded a high res picture, now its clear as a bell. So your correct

2 Completely clueless

  1. A. If I edit my profile from the front end and mouse over Change I get your error.
    B. If I edit in "Back office" and mouse over I am fine.

Sorry, I would have answered earlier but I only had my cellphone in the hospital and forgot my glasses.

3 Jun 28, 2020 14:55

Thanks @mikes Hope the hospital trip wasn't too serious.

1.Presumably the image is blured so as not to divulge the image of a user to those not registered. Not sure why but a bit pointless if a high res gets around it. Also even if not signed in the image on the actual individaul posts to the left, not that tphe one to the rigth of the topic title, is clear; so there's a bit of flaff there.

  1. Is the location under the profile picture just from the location in the profile? My only desire to have it is that it indictaes the time zone so relates to when a user is likely to be up and about if answering is more. Actually just showing the time zone would be useful, though someone will no doubt poiint oiut that a person make not be in their regular location and be time zones away. The UK only has only one time zone whereas the USA has 5 I think?
  1. When you say 'back office' is that accessed via the blue button on the image when hover the image at the left side of a post? Where I still get the »

I can see the code that prodices it, but not yet why?

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