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I was messing with my profile picture and noticed a warning/error that said my email address wasn't accepting from this site, around 03.44 today 21st, so I clicked on 'try again' and have a message as follows. 'We are currently trying to send email to… more »

Nov 23, 2018 00:28  
2018-11-23 With the above link forums have same number of 'replies' as 'posts' with this one they seem to have a proper number of replies relating to posts ??? more »

Nov 29, 2017 01:39  
I always have problem using search. For example if I type in my name I only get one post followed by a list that has nothing to do with my name. If I search fora post using name and another word that I know is in the post,it isn't found but other posts… more »

Jun 10, 2017 01:02  
Now that b2 comes with bootstrap, why dont we change to a responsive design instead of a fixed design with a widescreen switch ? Bootstrap 3.x is out, and many things changed together with classes.. It's a good time to make the transition i think.… more »

Oct 18, 2013 22:59  
I have a techie blog (4.1.x) that I also keep some personal entries on. When the visitor arrives at my main page ( ) they get all the entries on my blog as normal. However I would like to show a filtered list of entries… more »

Oct 07, 2013 20:44  
We are nowhere found on the list of People's Choice for Best Open Source CMS Nominees 2013.. Fran├žois Planque, millions of people seem not to appreciate B2EVO as one of the most comprehensive and most powerful CMSes in the world... darn! http://www.… more »

Sep 19, 2013 15:24  
I created a skin using the instructions within this website and uploaded it. I added the skin. However, I keep getting the following error message with a blank page below it. Fatal error: Call to undefined function: posts_nav_link() in… more »

Nov 14, 2009 15:58  
After my first three posts, whenever I am trying to edit my post, I am getting: Woops! We take spam seriously. It appears that you have tried to post something spammy. Your username and IP has been logged and a board administrator has been notified May… more »

Feb 11, 2012 22:46  

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