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1 Nov 27, 2006 08:28    

For me, i'm running Windows Vista RTM Ultimate.

2 Nov 27, 2006 15:52

I've dumped everything I can from MS and have gone Mac OSX

I hate their attitude that all their customers are assumed to be thieves, be it with their dopey Zune or their phone home, puffed up Vista and related outrageous EULA's.

They can stick their OS where the Sun doesn't shine except for having to do browser checks for their below standard browsers which they wouldn't have done a thing about until Firefox forced them to.

The words SQUIRT and BALLMER go very well together.

3 Nov 27, 2006 16:17

Haha, yeh ballmer seems pretty dam crazy, but i guess you can just say he's enthusiastic ;)

Personally i hate apple's attitude, whenever you watch anything to do with apple, windows comes up.

To me, if you like a product more than another sure, good, but if you dislike a product for no reason, then grr :@ ;)

OSX seems pretty cool then, if i didn't get along with windows so much i would use it, linux has been horrible in all my experiences.

4 Nov 27, 2006 19:10

Which operating system do you run?

That's a tad like having a butler and answering the phone yourself? ..... My computer runs the OS :|


5 Nov 27, 2006 19:46

Well i listen to music... Oh wait, no i don't, my ears listen to music :P

6 Nov 27, 2006 21:32

is there anything other than DOS 3.3?


7 Jan 26, 2007 15:22

Linux rocks! Linux at home, at work and my host also runs linux. Is there anything else? Maybe, but Mac, which probably would be my only option is way too expensive for me. When I get rich blogging, another bird will sing :D

8 Jan 26, 2007 16:12

I run Windows XP at home on one computer. Kubuntu Linux on another computer. OS X on a laptop. And plenty more OS X at work.

I really like that I get to use all three major OS's together. I think it keeps me from being an OS zealot since I get to see the good and the bad in all three.

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