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1 Dec 01, 2006 15:07    

I am not sure this is the right place to post this message but I just wanted to say that B2evolution rocks!! I checked out the other software out there before I chose B2evolution and decided on B2evolution because of the many features it has, as well as the ability to customize it.

So I thank not only all of the developers of the software and plugings, I also thank all of the guru's on this forum, especially stk who is doing my customization.

Every time I have had a situation or an issue someone has popped up with a solution.

Without all of you I might have got stuck with Wordpress or some other deficient software :)

Believe me when I tell you that I am no brown nose! I would not be posting this unless I meant it.

Now back to blogging!


2 Dec 01, 2006 16:41

Yer just after a :cookie: :|


3 Dec 01, 2006 16:52

Ha ha. Nah I just wanted to give credit where credit is due!

In this fast paced world where everyone is out for a buck, an open source project such as this is awesome!

4 Dec 01, 2006 18:05

Yeah yeah, we can tell you just want a :cookie: :|

If EdB comes along you'll probably get a :-

if( !has_said( $thanks ) ) $thanks = make_amends_for_blonde( 'bourbon', 'double', 'hands' );

function make_amends_for_blonde( $answer, $multiplier, $action )
  echo $action.' '.$multiplier.'  '.$answer;
  return true;

function has_said( & $uttered )
  return ( empty( $uttered ) ? false : true );

But he's wierd like that :|


5 Dec 01, 2006 18:13

Now that is funny, even for a non-programmer like me.

6 Dec 01, 2006 21:14

Probz should of gone to the chat away forum, but i don't want to be the bad ass moving such a nice post :D

Cheers, and it's good to be reminded how good I am (hehe, you know i mean we ;)).

Edit: Seeing taking a few hours to reply makes the post move for me ;)

7 Dec 02, 2006 01:31

ha ha, well we will see when I try out your slideshow plug-in!

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