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1 Dec 05, 2006 07:53    

Ive been using b2 now for a few months and love it. My friend uses wordpress and I keep trying to talk him over to b2. So he finally gave up and was going to download a copy to test it out. He clicks the b2 logo on my site and gets a 403 error from your site. So I click it and I get the same it appears that I am listed as a spammer which is odd since my website hasn't had more then a white page since I started it. Just curious how or who I talk to to get my domain removed. The domain in question is

2 Dec 05, 2006 09:31

You were blocked because your domain matched "". That keyword should not have been published, but it was. You learn as you go, and we've learned to publish fully punctuated URLs whenever possible. "" would have blocked all the reported keywords but not blocked you.

I removed the undotted keyword from the main site and from the official list, and published the dotted version instead. Following the linkback from your site now takes you to the front door of the coolest blog app available.

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