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1 Dec 09, 2006 14:17    

I want new options in the orderby code part. Now you have desc, asc. I would like opitions like random, most commented, most viewed, most words, and so on. I know plugins feature some of this functionality but I would like it hardcoded in b2.

2 Dec 09, 2006 15:27

What is the difference FOR YOU between able to do this via a plugin or hardcoded in the core ?

3 Dec 17, 2006 15:38

Ahh it's simpler and not dependent on upgrading the plugin when you upgrade b2evo. And it's features i belive should be inside b2evo so that you just change a line in your skin and whoops your done.

4 Mar 28, 2008 00:05

which plugin does this ?

order by most viewed ?

5 Mar 28, 2008 00:29

Every version that existed when this thread was fresh is now obsolete. That's what happens when a really old thread gets dug up...

AFAIK there is no plugin that ever did this, although there have been hacks in the past and currently there is the mini stats plugin that shows similar info in your sidebar. I am pretty sure you can accomplish SOME of this by adding appropriate bits in your stub file ... and maybe in your index.php file - but I don't really know that or what the bits would be.

Try searching for various terms about "order by" and "stub" and stuff like that to see what's been posted on this topic. Oh and probably with ¥åßßå as the author because I think he's posted quite a bit about groovy stuff like this.

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