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1 Feb 02, 2007 07:46    

Hi all,

I'm new to b2evolution and using it first time for one of my client. Here is basically what he needs. He needs a blog where he can post his articles and all and also want his members to have their own blow under his website. Now he is going to charge the members who wants their own blog. Other members will be just basic members. Its like upgrading the membership. So my question is, is there any payment accepting plugin available for b2evo? I searched the plugin directory but didn't find any.

I was thinking of using paypal, but then the switching of basic user to a blogger user would have to be done manually.

Did anyone have tried this before.

Any help, suggestions are welcome.

Harish Save

2 Feb 02, 2007 10:35

Setting up a payment gateway is a lot of work, I just finished setting up a paypal one for a client which took 15 hours all up, it's a complicated process.

You are better off looking a eWay payment gateway, much easier to use.

Either way you will still need to modify the autoblog plugin to implement the payment gateway changes.

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