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1 Feb 12, 2007 16:04    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

Dunno what to call it, but it's not a plugin and it's not something that lives in your skin. I guess that makes it a hack? Ahhh for the good old days of hacking the core!

Before you go there: a visiglyph is a customized visual representation of a commenter's IP address. After a comment is submitted the visiglyph will be created and prepended to the comment. Kinda like automatic avatars in a way, only different.

So ... uh ... where's the preview button gone off to? Am I supposed to pick the version before I get to do the preview thing?

2 Feb 12, 2007 16:06

Actually come to think of it asking for the version here is pretty stupid. READ THE PLUGIN OR HACK OR MOD OR EXTENSION to see what version(s) it applies to!

1.8.7 probably.
0.9.2 maybe.

And there's the preview button!


3 Feb 12, 2007 17:55

the preview button is disabled on forums where the the dropdown menu is enabled -- once its (the preview button) clicked, those particular entries are lost when submitted. Obviously, if upon looking at a post, someone like the original poster wants to edit it, they can always do that -- that is what the edit button for.

if you can code a better system, feel free, we'll use it.

and if you dont think its necessary in THIS forum, consider it removed.

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