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1 Feb 22, 2007 12:57    

hello, everyone.
I' like to get a page just say something like "hello world",
and create a link to this page in sidebar.
of couse the components like head footer and sidebar should be where they are.
How can I do this ?

^_^sorry for my English

3 Feb 22, 2007 13:22

Try and see if it suits your needs. It will, except for the part that talks about adding stuff to the "switch disp" in your skins/yourskin/_main.php if you're using 1.9.2 and an officially supplied skin. That bit is removed from that file, and I haven't followed up on what it takes to make it happen. I *think* it'll work without that particular bit, but since it's untested I'm morally obligated to warn you and encourage you to back up whatever you hack before you hack anything.

I only got like 8 posts before I owe balupton gloriousness so if you have problems and I don't answer it's because I'm rationing myself...

EDIT: ¥åßßå you d****d Yankee! I wasted one of my precious few while you were busy helping out???

cool man. 3K ain't nuthin.

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