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1 Feb 23, 2007 10:53    

I now integrated successfully the [url=]CFlash.0.01Beta plugin for b2evolution[/url] into my weblog. Contrary to the intructions from the author of the plugin, all values are necessary to avoid error messages.

[swf src= width=445 height=223 id=movie version=7 quality=high bgcolor=#000000 align=center scale=scale]

To find out the flash version for (foreign) swf-files, I found the solution via google: look at the fourth byte of your flash with a hex-editor; in my example a "07" could be found.

[u]Ok, now my questions...[/u]

When I upload my swf-file in the admin area while writing a new posting, I´m able to integrate the new uploaded file (if a picture) with a code in my article. Doesn´t funtion with swf-files of course... Is it possible to extend the new-uploaded-file-and-integrate-a-code-in-posting-function with a swf support? Or if easier to realize, add a line only applicable for swf-file integration (in the popup-windows for uploading files)?

Second questions is rather a general question regarding flash: As far as I know and it applies of course for my first flash posting as well, when integrating a swf-file and viewing the page, the file loads automatically and you only have to hit the play button. Works fine so far... but what when the swf-file is not only a couple of kb big, but e.g. 1 or 2 MB or even more?
Is it possible to create a picture or even a very small swf-file, which e.g. reflects a similar picture as the first flash movie frame(s) but not with a play button but a let me call it start button with which the user starts the download on request and then has the possibility to play the flash-file? If such a swf-introduction-file is very small, it would be possible to display the size of the real flash-file and give the visitor the choice of downloading / viewing the huge files or not...
How could I realize something like that?

Thanks in advance for your help...

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